Aster Flower Plant

Aster Flower Plant. Their lovely double blooms are ideal for rockeries, borders, open garden beds, cottage style gardens or for pots. Aster spp., doellingeria spp., eurybia spp., inonactis spp., symphyotrichum spp.

How To Grow And Care For Asters
How To Grow And Care For Asters from

Blues, purples and array of pink. Michaelmas daisy, aster, china aster, new england asters. Asters generally bloom in late summer and fall, but alpine asters (aster alpinus) flower in may and june.

Plant Your Aster Flowers In Well Drained, Moist, And Humus Rich Soil.

This can help extend the color of spring and summer longer than most other perennials. Asters can be started from seed or purchased as a potted plant. For the past 4,000 years, these flowers were cultivated as ornaments.

Asters Are A Great Transition Plant, Bridging The Seasons From Summer To Autumn.

The leaves of the aster plant are often dark green and, like the flower petals, can also be long, thin and pointed. Aster is a host plant for painted lady, pearl crescent, butterflies and more. This type of plant has groups of flowers, also known as heads, that sit within a small basket of surrounding leaves.

Asters Lend Themselves Well To A Range Of Garden Styles From Prairie Plantings.

The two main groups of asters are new england asters (aster novae anglias) and new york asters (aster nova belgii). It is also a popular cemetery plant. Douglas aster plants are native perennials growing in the pacific northwest.

Blues, Purples And Array Of Pink.

Asters are easy to grow and are one of the few plants that flower reliably in the cooler season. Asters belong to the sunflower family and has over 600 species of which only 180 are recognised today as true asters. Asters are also known as michaelmas daisies, starworts, new england asters, and frost flowers.

Asters Range In Size From 15 To 125 Cm In Height And Have Daisy Like Flowers Of White, Pink, Purple Or Blue.

Asters are in the daisy family and flower mostly in late summer and autumn, which gives them their common name michaelmas daisy. Aster can flower from anytime from spring to late autumn (depending on the species). Each branchy clump of this compact plant grows to about 16 inches high and 12 inches across.

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