Azalea Plant

Azalea Plant. Encore azalea planting season is here, and garden centers are stocked with a variety of beautiful encore azalea varieties. Azalea is one of the best shrubs that will give you that very appealing sight.

Azalea Bush - Oberer's Flowers
Azalea Bush – Oberer's Flowers from

There are many plants that can be planted with azaleas, but for those living in zones 8 through 11, the best companion plants would be those that have white flowers. Here are a few simple steps to keeping your azaleas looking fantastic: Set the azalea upright in the hole and pat the soil around the roots, then gently water the plant and the soil.

When It Comes To Filling In Your Azalea Garden, The Sky Is The Limit.

Azaleas are in the rhododendron family ericaceae. Dig a hole with a diameter about twice that of the pot the azalea came in, and about the same depth. Your azalea could also be suffering from petal bright.

They Need About Four Hours Of Sunlight Each Day.

It spreads quickly in sandy soils, but spread is restricted in heavier clay soils. As shrubs go, azaleas are of the little work, big reward variety, so. Lack of iron quickly results in chlorosis (yellow leaves with green veins).

These Plants Originate From Japan, China And Korea.

Some of the best plants to pair with azaleas are rhododendrons, hydrangeas, kalmias, and pieris. Azalea petal blight is a disease that attacks azalea flowers, turning them into brown mush. Some azalea plants can withstand very cold temperatures, such as the plants that make up the northern light group.

Planting In Limy, Alkaline Soil Is Another Mistake;

Space them about half that far apart. For example, in zones 5 and 6, you can grow the stewartstonian type in a spot where it receives. You should reserve a place of honor for this azalea with vivid red blooms.

Root Rot Often Ensues, Indicated By Yellowing, Wilting Foliage And Collapse Of The Plant.

The best time to plant azaleas is in late spring or early fall. Their favorite place to grow is underneath tall trees, where they get filtered sunlight during the day. Japan arrives as a mix of buds and blooms designed in a 6h slate textured pot with copper rim available in two sizes:

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