Begonia Plant

Begonia Plant. Popular types of begonia, such as wax begonias, tuberous begonias, and rex begonias, bloom through the summer and fall. How to propagate a begonia.

Begonia Plant: Different Types, How To Grow And Care | Florgeous
Begonia Plant: Different Types, How To Grow And Care | Florgeous from

Frost is also a problem for rex begonias. Begonia (million kisses series) ‘yadev’= devotion agm: Begonias can be categorized a number of ways, but a useful method for gardeners is by root structure:

Begonia Is One Of The Largest Genera Of Flowering Plants With Over 1900 Species.

Usda zones 10 and 11 are suitable for this kind of begonias. They're easy to grow, can be displayed in flowerbeds, hanging baskets, as container plants, as indoor house plants, and they produce strikingly beautiful flowers. Begonias are grown for their foliage and or attractive flowers.

Most Of These Begonia Plants Are Evergreen, And The Leaves Have A Waxy Texture.

Cover the top of the root ball, bulb, or seeds with a. Begonias prefer a rich, slightly moist soil. What is a begonia plant?

Begonia Rex Are Used Widely As An Indoor Foliage Plants.

Angel wing begonias) these begonias are usually large, showy, and constant bloomers Rex begonias are understory plants that grow in their natural habitat shaded to partially shady parts of jungles. The best time to plant begonias is after the chance of frost has passed.

Although Some Will Survive In Full Sun, Most Prefer A More Shaded Location That Gets A Little Sunlight Each Day.

To keep begonias in top form, feed every 10 days during the summer with a dilute solution of liquid fertilizer. The type of soil, the size of pot, and the amount of soil you use. To grow a begonia in a pot, you need to allow for growth, so ensure you choose a pot that is twice the width and depth of the plant.

Begonias Are Slow To Get Going, So Don't Be Disheartened If There Aren't Blooms Right Away.

Begonias are a favorite of many gardeners for good reason. Being easy to grow, long flowering and with nice foliage begonias do well in. Another benefit of planting begonias is that they are deer and rabbit resistant.

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