Crocus Plant

Crocus Plant. Single flowers get lost in the landscape. Plan to divide the corms about every 4 years.

Crocus Vernus Flower Record - Fluwel
Crocus Vernus Flower Record – Fluwel from

Planting times for crocus differ from other species. They usually have fine grassy foliage that appears with or after the flower buds. Plan to divide the corms about every 4 years.

Crocus Plants Have Subterranean Corms From Which The Inflorescence Arises.

Space them 3 apart on center and plant 3” deep. Crocus lives in alpine meadows, rocky mountainsides, scrublands and woodlands. To plant from corms, plant in the fall about 2.5 inches deep and 2 inches apart, 35 to 70 corms per square foot.

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Christmas tree balls i misc. With a large nursery and over 5,000 plant varieties to care for, we at crocus have to be particularly conscious of our actions. Care plant profile and growing hints for crocus goulimyi, kotschyanus, nudiflorus, pestalozzae, salmanni, speciosus albus, tomasinianus, vernus bulbs and corms in australia

Plant The Bulbs In The Pot In The Fall, Before Any Frosts Arrive.

In addition to the spring flowering cultivars, another group of crocuses flower in autumn. In the north this will be in september or october, in the south in october or november. The whole plant is not usually taller than about 6in (15cm).

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Crocuses tolerate low temperature and cold climates. Beautiful flowers of crocus often protrude from the snow when these plants. Plant crocus corms 3 to 4 inches deep (with the pointy end up).

Generally Speaking, This Will Be September To October In Northern Zones, And October To November In Southern Zones.

Wait until the soil is 60 degrees fahrenheit or colder. There are over 80 different species of crocus that originate from southern europe, central asia, china, middle east and africa. Planting times for crocus differ from other species.

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