Lemon Verbena Plant

Lemon Verbena Plant. Although lemon verbena is native to south america, it has largely become a globally accessible plant and herb due to its powerful medicinal effects and qualities as a food additive. Scientifically known as aloysia citrodora, another common name besides lemon verbena is lemon beebrush.

Lemon Verbena
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A real favourite here on the nursery! Lemon verbena plants prefer to live in soil that is moist, but not entirely saturated. If you live in a zone with cold winters, you can try growing lemon verbena in a container, keeping it indoors during the cold times.

Lemon Verbena ( Aloysia Citriodora) Is A Woody Shrub, And Its Narrow Glossy Leaves Grow Quickly In Hot Summer Weather, Replenishing As You Harvest Throughout The Growing Season.

It also has panicles of delicate pale pink flowers, which appear in late summer. If you live in a usda hardiness zone where lemon verbena is hardy (zones 8 through 11), the plant can become an anchoring shrub in your landscape releasing its citrusy. Lemon scented verbenas reach about 2 metres high, and can become straggly.

Can Be Used Fresh Or Dried.

Lemon verbena, lemon balm, and vervain are three totally different plants that are often confused for one another as their names all contain the word “lemon.” The plant is a perennial shrub that. In europe, lemon verbena has been cultivated since the 18 th century.

Although Lemon Verbena Is Native To South America, It Has Largely Become A Globally Accessible Plant And Herb Due To Its Powerful Medicinal Effects And Qualities As A Food Additive.

Move potted lemon verbena to a warm spot over winter, or mulch to protect the roots if planted directly in the garden. Aside from the lemony delight of growing this verbena, it is a plant for every garden space. We grow our lemon verbena plants organically and guarantee them to arrive alive and thriving!

It Grows In South America, Northern Africa, Southern Europe, And Iran.

Chop a small handful of fresh leaves then steep and strain to make a refreshing tea that can be enjoyed hot or iced. Lemon verbena plants are sun loving creatures. It has a strong lemony fragrance.

It Also Produces Small White Flowers.

Lemon verbena was introduced to england in the 1700s. They can also tolerate partial shade, but this can sometimes result in a less productive blooming period. Grow plants in light shade in southernmost gardens.

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