Pittosporum Plant

Pittosporum Plant. Pittosporum plants are moderate to slow growing bushes with whorled leaves of either glossy green or variegated white. Pittosporum eugenioides is a plant of the forests of the lower belt of australia.

Pittosporum Tobira - Wikipedia
Pittosporum Tobira – Wikipedia from en.wikipedia.org

However, they become lighter on underside and with veins evident depending on their variety. These plants grow well in coastal areas. Up to 2 meters based on the variety.

Up To 2 Meters Based On The Variety.

Glossy, green leaves are 11 inches long and usually diamond shaped. Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘silver queen’ is an attractive pittosporum, bearing attractive white markings on the edge of its leaves. Pittosporum plants can have problems that make the leaves turn black and the plant to eventually die.

The Plants Produce Fragrant, Creamy White Flowers At The Ends Of The Stems, Set In Clusters.

These plants grow well in coastal areas. Small, white, fragrant flowers fade to yellow. Pittosporum are neat evergreen shrubs that are perfect for sheltered, sunny locations.

It Has Small Leaves That Are Generally Pale Green Or Silvery.

They come in various sizes, from large and conical to compact and domed, with shiny, often variegated or colourful leaves and small scented flowers. The flowers are very small and hidden among the foliage,. Evergreen shrubs (or small trees), pittosporums are an excellent alternative to boxwoods in warm climates.

Pittosporum Tenuifolium Is A Native Of Both The North And South Islands Of New Zealand And Is Found From Sea Level To High Altitudes.

Tenuifolium and all its numerous cultivars are completely evergreen with ‘leathery’ leaves. Pittosporum shrubs have leathery green leaves with wavy margins that grow in whorls at branch ends. Variegatus has small leaves edged with creamy white.

These Stay On The Plant Year Round.

Usually grows 610 feet tall and wide but can form a small tree up to 15 feet if left unpruned. It is a very tolerant, adaptable and multiple ornamental plant, which is utilized in almost every possible gardening way. The dense evergreen foliage creates attractive screens, privacy barriers, hedgerows, or specimen plants.

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