Salvias Plant

Salvias Plant. We have 5,493 images of 2,337 salvias in our salvias database. It’s native to southern mexico.

10 Popular Species Of Salvia Plants
10 Popular Species Of Salvia Plants from

Every year we offer a selection of new hybrids that are often an improvement on older varieties or totally different than what has been seen before. The best time to plant salvias is from late may to early june, after the risk of late frosts has passed. Within the lamiaceae, salvia is part of the tribe mentheae within the subfamily nepetoideae.

Spring (Before Blooming) Is The Ideal Time To Divide Salvias.

Hot lips, amistad, blackcurrant, icing sugar Salvia faces several common problems caused by pests and fungi. Common salvia plant problems

It Is Tolerant Of Coastal Conditions.

Within the lamiaceae, salvia is part of the tribe mentheae within the subfamily nepetoideae. There are also trailing salvias available that will spill over the edges of containers and window boxes. Salvia plants are a perennial that have a low water requirement, flowering summer through to autumn love the sun and attract birds.

If You Have Perennial Salvias, You Can Divide The Plants Every Three Years.

Potted salvias can be purchased and planted in spring or fall. Salvia 'african sky' salvia 'amante' salvia 'amistad' salvia amplexicaulis. For a classic blue and yellow flower garden idea, grow east friesland salvia with 'moonbeam' coreopsis.

Salvias Are A Fascinating Genus Of Plants Which Offer Such A Variation Of Flower Colour, Shape And Foliage.

Salvias are one of the best plants to bring summer colour into the garden and build in stature and intensity right through to late autumn. Salvia 'clotted cream' salvia curviflora. Plants for pots and borders and to attract polinating insects such as bees.

You Can Find A Huge Number Of Varieties With Different Flowers And Foliage And Growth Habit.

If you live in areas where winter is harsh, you can plant perennial salvias as annuals. Plant in full sun and prune to keep it neat. There is a huge range to choose from with delicate annual salvias in blues, mauves and pinks so easy to grow from seed, through the tall exotic blooms from south america, to the hardy hybrid herbaceous perennials and shrubs.

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