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Sempervivum Plant. The sempervivum plant, commonly called hens and chicks, is an attractive, hardy, easy to care for succulent. Sempervivums are related to jovibarba and rosularia, choicer and less hardy genera often grown in a cold frame by alpine plant enthusiasts and mainly distinguished from sempervivum by their flowers.

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Plant the many different kinds of sempervivum all together in the nooks and crannies in full sun. The sempervivum patch is done shipping plants for the 2021 season. Sempervivum is a genus of monocarpic succulents in the family crassulaceae, commonly known as houseleeks.

We Have 20,901 Images Of 3,047 Sempervivum In Our Sempervivum Database.

It’s fine to put sempervivum in regular garden soil or in a standard potting mix, but make sure you’re only watering when the soil is dry. Of these 30 are accepted species names. » browse the full list of sempervivum ( or see recent additions) » search by characteristics (height, bloom color, etc) » access the generic sempervivum entry.

Spring Coloration Is Golden Green With Dark Red Margins (Picotee), Summer Coloration Is Lime Green Without Red Margins, Fall Coloration Is Golden Yellow With Dark Red Leaf Margins, Winter Coloration Is Red, Its Very Vigorous Growth Habit, Its.

Plant the many different kinds of sempervivum all together in the nooks and crannies in full sun. We do not intend the plant list to be complete for names of infraspecific rank. They are hardy to usda zone 6 and bloom all summer long with fragrant musky foliage.

The Plant List Includes A Further 75 Scientific Plant Names Of Infraspecific Rank For The Genus Sempervivum.

Mulch with lava rock or other mineral mulch to drain moisture away from the crown. Hens and chicks have been cultivated as far back as ancient roman times. Description of the plant with a photo.

These Are Primarily Included Because Names Of Species Rank.

This database entry exists to show plant data and photos that apply generically to all sempervivum. Ideally, plant sempervivum in cacti or succulent soil mix, which contains larger amounts of sand, gravel, and perlite or pumice, which allows the soil to drain easily and quickly. Thank you to those of you who have honored me with your patronage this year.

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A rock retaining wall is the ideal situation; The plant list includes 387 scientific plant names of species rank for the genus sempervivum. A clump of sempervivum rosettes adds an exotic touch to any sunny garden.

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