Sunflower Plant

Sunflower Plant. The sunflower (helianthus annuus) is a true annual plant that sprouts, matures, flowers, and dies in a single growing season. Many varieties attract bees and birds who dine on sunflower nectar and seeds, making them an ideal choice for a wildlife or pollinator garden.

15 Different Types Of Sunflowers - Sunflower Varieties To Plant
15 Different Types Of Sunflowers – Sunflower Varieties To Plant from

Pollinators visit the blooms and seeds are formed. Sunflowers are native primarily to north and south america, and some species are cultivated as ornamentals for their spectacular size and flower heads and for their edible seeds. Seedlings grow into strong plants.

See Individual Seed Packets For Details.

Sunflower is a plant in plants vs. Dry areas, open areas and prairies. Plant sunflower seeds outdoors in the ground when danger of hard frost has passed, usually around the month of may in many temperate climates.

Sunflowers Have The Ability To Soak Up Exceedingly Large Amounts Of Toxic Elements In Their Tissues, Like 137 Cs And 90 Sr Which Were Found In The Radioactively Contaminated Sites (Soil And Ponds) Around The Power Plant.

Knowing where and went to plant your sunflower seeds is half the battle of growing them successfully. Sow one seed per 7.5cm pot. For average sized sunflowers (about 3 feet tall), space your seeds about a foot apart.

They Are An Annual Plant And Will Flower In August.

While they need water to grow tall, they don’t do well with overwatering. Sunflower plant is a annual plant and grows in habitat: Sunflowers are tall, tough plants, with some varieties reaching 14 feet in height.

Seedlings Grow Into Strong Plants.

The seeds are large and easy to handle, and the plants grow quickly so you do not have to wait around too long to see impressive results. The mature sunflower grows buds that bloom. Cover pots with a clear plastic bag and place in a cool but bright place.

The Appearance Of The Plant Is As Follows:

Pollinators visit the blooms and seeds are formed. Sunflower, (genus helianthus), genus of nearly 70 species of herbaceous plants of the aster family. Sunflowers require a well pulverized.

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