Kudzu Plant

Kudzu Plant. In one study, a treatment regimen of 0.5 grams (g) of the product was applied intravaginally daily for 2 weeks, and then decreased to three times per week for 10 weeks, kudzu gel was found to be safe and effective, although it was less effective than estrogen cream. According to research published in 2010 (hickman et al.), kudzu ( pueraria montana ) invasion doubles emissions of nitric oxide and increases ozone pollution.

Kudzu: The Invasive Vine That Ate The South
Kudzu: The Invasive Vine That Ate The South from www.nature.org

Government supposedly paid farmers to plant kudzu as a ground cover and as a forage. Kudzu's root, flower, and leaf are used to make medicine. As far the the root goes, you can cook kudzu roots like potatoes, or dry them and grind them into powder, which makes a great breading for fried foods or a thickener for sauces.

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