Tuberose Plant

Tuberose Plant. Tuberose, (polianthes tuberosa), perennial garden plant of the asparagus family (asparagaceae), cultivated for its fragrant flowers. Its full name is polianthes tuberosa but the more common names of the most popular varieties include mexican.

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Tuberose flowers all the year round. Select a sunny site or container with good drainage protected from wind. When you first plant your tuberose, only water it when the soil gets completely dry.

Rajanigandha Is Also Called Nishigandha, Tuberose Or Polianthes Tuberosa.

When you first plant your tuberose, only water it when the soil gets completely dry. Smaller leaves form along the stems. Tuberose is a clump forming bulb that produces bright green strappy shape leaves that are upright and grass in appearance.

Flowering Of Tuberose Starts 80 To 100 Days After Planting And Flowering Time Is July Onwards.

It is a half hardy, herbaceous perennial with fibrous roots, 60 to 120 cm high, having a bulb like tuberous rootstock and fleshy leaves linear, grass like foliage. In northern climates, tuberoses may not bloom until the latter part of august, but you can start the bulbs indoors in early spring to give them a head start. Plant tuberose bulbs in spring when all danger of frost is past.

Tuberose ( Polianthes Tuberosa) Also Known As Polyanthus Lily Is A Herbaceous Perennial Bulb.

Tuberose responds to fertilizer application but should not be fertilized with d. The tuberose origin is lost in antiquity. The foliage is narrow at the base and wider at the top and is arranged in a rosette at the base.

The Tuberose Flower’s Extracts Are Used For Developing Middle Notes In Perfumes Since The Middle Ages.

The unopened buds may have a pinkish tint on the tops, especially if it is of the ‘pearl’ double tuberose plant variety. Tuberose plant is called as rajanigandha in india, which means ‘fragrant at night’. Tuberose is a summer cultivar still it is perennial to the native climate.

The Tuberose Has Long Bright Green Leaves Clustered At The Base And Smaller Clasping Leaves Along The Stem.

Tuberose is a very popular commercially grown loose/cut flower. It is part of the agavaceae family and is native to mexico. First, growers will need to obtain a plant.

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