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Variegated Plant. In plants, variegation means the appearance of different coloured zones on leaves, stems, fruit or flowers. Though it is a term that is used rather loosely in the plant world, a variegated plant is one whose flowers or leaves usually have two or three colors, but can sometimes have more.

Variegated Indoor Plants: The Science Behind The Latest Houseplant Tre — Pistils Nursery
Variegated Indoor Plants: The Science Behind The Latest Houseplant Tre — Pistils Nursery from

Monstera variegata is a tropical plant with large, deep green heavily variegated with cream. Variegation might be defined as the presence of differently colored zones or areas in leaves and sometimes the stems of plants. Philodendron caramel marble highly variegated top cutting.

It Is A Tropical Plant And Does Naturalize Well In Sub Tropical Climates Like Florida, Sri Lanka And The West Indies.

Naturally variegated plants are stable, meaning that they can be reproduced through stem cuttings, leaf cuttings, and seeds. The variegated version of the rubber plant is native to south asia and southeast asia. Plants with variegated foliage have leaves that are edged or patterned with different colours, in the form of splashes, spots, stripes or intricate patterns.

The Variegated Sections On A Plant May Appear As Stripes, Spots, Circles, Borders And Other Shapes.

You may have another unsung, variegated plant on your windowsill: Variegated plants have patterns of different colours on their leaves, typically in tones of gold, white, pink or green. Variegation is a term that is used rather loosely in the plant world.

It Got Its Name From Its Thick, Rubbery, Shiny Leaves.

This variegation often varies in color from cream white albo, yellow aurea, to green sport the monstera adansonii is a unique houseplant, from the same family as the popular monstera deliciosa plant. The variegated zz plant is not suited for direct sunlight, but it can easily survive low to medium sunlight. Variegated plants need sunlight in order to survive but as mentioned before the lack of chlorophyll in the plant's leaves can create a bit of difficulty for the plants because apart from transforming sunlight into sugar, chlorophyll also protects the plant.

More Ways To Find The Perfect Plant.

Leaves may be edged or patterned in a different color, or they may have pale or light patches. Best quality plants variegated plants amazing variety of plants starting just $200 shop now plants collection any plants for your space free shipping free We have a vision to be the best producer and distributor of plants in the world and our mission is to produce various types of high quality plants at affordable prices and always provide the best.

Variegated Plants Really Are The Vivienne Westwood’s Of Many Peoples Collections.

However, it is best not to grow this plant outdoors in summer and then move it indoors. It would be best if you water it only when the soil dries to prevent rotting. Some plants go above and beyond the call of duty, featuring not two but three different colors on their.

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