Wandering Jew Plant

Wandering Jew Plant. Blooms are small with three petals and can be violet or white. Pruning also helps the stem, from getting “leggy,” meaning that the plant starts to look bare at the base.

How To Care For A Wandering Tradescantia Zebrina Plant
How To Care For A Wandering Tradescantia Zebrina Plant from www.bybrittanygoldwyn.com

Wandering jew plants, like most plants native to tropical climates, grow quickly. The plant grows quickly, and if you don’t prune, then it can overtake the pot fast. Be mindful about leaving this plant near a cold window or under an ac unit.

Pruning Keeps The Plant Healthy And Growing At An Optimal Rate.

Refer to part 2 about getting enough sunlight. Have you watered your wandering jew? Keep the soil moist not water logged.

Blooms Are Small With Three Petals And Can Be Violet Or White.

Just keep in mind that low light can fade the markings on leaves. Wandering jew plants require regular pruning. They do well at average room temperatures, don’t demand a very high level of humidity (which is sometimes difficult to achieve in a home environment) and it is very easy to propagate them through stem tip cuttings.

Wandering Jew Is Not A Prohibited Or Restricted Invasive Plant Under The Biosecurity Act 2014.However, By Law, Everyone Has A General Biosecurity Obligation (Gbo) To Take Reasonable And Practical Steps To Minimise The Risks Associated With.

Your plant might become leggy as a result of lack of light, especially during winter. They tend to slow down during the winter and then pick up again in the spring. You can provide the jew plant with feeding during spring through to summer.

Your Wandering Jew Needs No Fertilizer But Can Benefit From Feeding Occasionally.

Wandering jew plants are not the most toxic and rarely cause any fatalities, but they are a level #1 toxicity. During the cold months, your. We recommend stopping the fertilizer in fall and winter.

Don’t Allow The Soil To Dry Out, And Keep The Air Around The Cuttings Humid.

Wandering jew plant care tips. However, you'll need to make sure conditions are suitable if you plan on growing the plant outside. Water the plant directly around roots, avoiding the crown, as it can result in rot.

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